The Short Version

The woman known as Heather S. Ingemar is a bestselling author of dark short stories for teens and adults and an accomplished folk musician. She loves coffee, tea, intravenous Mountain Dew, cats, and motorcycles. She is currently at work on her next tale, or maybe avoiding work by shooting around canyon corners on her Suzuki Savage LS650.

The Long Version

The woman known as Heather S. Ingemar has loved to play with words since she was little, and it wasn’t long until she started writing her own stories.  Termed “a little odd” by her peers, she took great delight in exploring tales with a gothic flair, and to this day, Edgar Allan Poe continues to be her literary hero.

Heather completed a B.A. in English Literature in December of 2006, and she and her husband reside on the family cattle ranch, with two dogs, two house-cats and many rogue turkeys. She performs music on the side.

When she’s not playing music or riding her motorcycle, she takes pleasure in writing for Indie presses, and her short fiction has appeared with Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine, Membra Disjecta, and MicroHorror.


Questions & Answers from the Author

Heather, in amongst her other hobbies, is also an accomplished public speaker, and loves to do workshops or presentations geared for young writers.  Please use the contact form below to contact Heather regarding arrangements.

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